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Mystic Crystal Dream

Set of 10 Spell Candles

Set of 10 Spell Candles

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White Candles Use: 

Protection, New Beginnings, Purity, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Calming the Mind, Use to call on lunar or Goddess Energy

Red Candles Use:

Lust, Potency, Stamina, Attract New Sexual Partner, Improve Sex Life, Good Luck, Confidence, Willpower, Strength, Courage, Determination

Orange Candles Use:

Intellect, Good Luck with Career, Networking, Legal Affairs, Joy, Stimulating Energy

Yellow Candles Use:

Intelligence, Focus, Learning, Mental Blocks, Wisdom, Clarity, Confidence, New Ideas, Logic

Green Candles Use:

Money Magic, Good Luck, Earth Magic, Prosperity, Success, Health

Blue Candles Use:

Emotional Healing, Communication, Creativity, Focus, Justice, Inspiration, Harmony, Piece of Mind

Purple Candles Use:

Psychic Power, Opening of the Third Eye, Meditation, Wisdom, Divination, Deepening Spiritual Awareness and Knowledge

Pink Candles Use:

Unconditional Love, Romance, Affection, Warmth, Joy, Friendship, Self-Love, Happiness, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Intimacy

Black Candles Use:

Protection, Repelling/Absorbing or Banishing, Negative Energy or Hexes, Putting an End to an Unhealth Situation


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