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Mystic Crystal Dream

K2 Bracelet

K2 Bracelet

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The K2 Bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry associated with the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, making it perfect for those looking to enhance their spiritual connection. It is especially meaningful for Sagittarius, as it is ruled by the planet Venus. The element of the K2 Bracelet is air, which represents communication and creativity.

This bracelet makes an excellent gift for yourself or someone special in your life. Its unique properties make it perfect for those looking to enhance their spiritual journey or simply add some beauty to their everyday look. 

Discover the beauty and uniqueness of our K2 Bracelet. This exquisite piece is made from genuine K2 stone, a rare and stunning combination of azurite and granite found only in the K2 mountain region in Pakistan. The blue and white marbling of K2 stone creates a mesmerizing pattern that is truly one-of-a-kind. Known for its harmonizing and balancing properties, K2 stone is believed to promote inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Adorn your wrist with this special bracelet to bring a touch of mystique and serenity to your everyday look. Elevate your style with the rare beauty of our K2 Bracelet.

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