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Mystic Crystal Dream

Green Aventurine Round Bracelet

Green Aventurine Round Bracelet

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This beautiful Green Aventurine Round Bracelet is sourced from India and made with love and handled with care. Each purchase includes one stone, and it is associated with the Heart Chakra. It is also associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Virgo, and the planet Mercury. It is associated with the elements of Water, Earth, and Air.

Embrace the soothing energy of nature with our Green Aventurine Round Bracelet. Made from genuine green aventurine beads, each bracelet is carefully crafted to harness the healing properties of this beautiful stone. Green aventurine is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and emotional balance to the wearer, making this bracelet a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. The smooth, round beads create a classic and versatile look that can be worn on its own or stacked with other bracelets for a bohemian vibe. Radiate positive energy and elevate your style with our Green Aventurine Round Bracelet, the perfect accessory for bringing harmony and tranquility to your day.

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