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Mystic Crystal Dream

Blue Kyanite Blade

Blue Kyanite Blade

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Blue Kyanite Blade are a unique and beautiful product sourced from Brazil.

Each purchase includes one stone.

Introducing our stunning Blue Kyanite Blade, the perfect addition to your crystal collection. This mesmerizing blade features a striking blue hue that shimmers and shines in the light, capturing the essence of calm and harmony. Each blade is uniquely crafted, making it a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to stand out.

Use this Blue Kyanite Blade as a tool for clearing energy blockages, promoting balance, and enhancing communication. Its powerful vibrations will help you connect with your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom. Display it in your home or office as a decorative accent or use it during meditation for a heightened spiritual experience.

Experience the beauty and magic of Blue Kyanite with this exquisite blade. Embrace its soothing energy and let it guide you on your journey towards inner peace and enlightenment. Upgrade your crystal collection with this beautiful and versatile piece today.

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