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Mystic Crystal Dream

Lapis Lazuli Small Chips

Lapis Lazuli Small Chips

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Lapis Lazuli Small Chips are a unique and beautiful product. Each purchase includes one stone, and it is associated with the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, as well as the Zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Libra. It is also associated with the element of Water.

Enhance your crystal collection with the mesmerizing beauty of our Lapis Lazuli Small Chips. These tiny fragments of Lapis Lazuli exhibit the stone's signature deep blue color with striking flecks of gold pyrite, creating a stunning and vibrant display. Perfect for crafting, jewelry making, art projects, or simply as a decorative accent, these small chips are versatile and captivating. Lapis Lazuli is associated with inner peace, self-expression, and intuition, making these chips not only visually appealing but also spiritually enriching. Add a touch of elegance and positive energy to your creations or space with these exquisite Lapis Lazuli Small Chips.

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